• Find Talent

    Find Talent

    We proactively approach candidates who specialise in our own niche, engage with them and listen to what opportunities they will consider and then we match this to our clients’ requirements.

  • The Candidate Zone

    The Candidate Zone

    Here at Sumner & Scott we are always on the hunt for topnotch talent; we source seriously fabulous Data Science professionals for some of the best and brightest businesses around.

  • Job Board

    Job Board

    Our Consultants are niche recruiters who are solely focused on Data and Analytics recruitment and can provide expert advice and feedback at every stage of the recruitment process.

What They Say...

  • Sumner & Scott were well informed and helpful during the whole recruitment process, I also appreciated their positive attitude and individual approach. Working with them was a very pleasant experience.

    - Head of Data Science

  • A rare breed of recruiter; they put a lot of time and effort into learning what I was looking for and why. They provide an excellent level of service and I found them to be trustworthy, and knowledgeable about Data Science. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them; a real collaborator. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

    - Data Science Director

  • Sumner & Scott are top of the class in understanding exactly what we want in very good people for our company and finding the right resources. I have been particularly pleased that time wasn't wasted on tedious sidetracks to 'must have this very specific skill, or some other CV focused detail'. The high level requirement that we only want very bright potentially high achievers that would fit with us culturally has worked well. 100% success to date.

    - CTO & Co-Founder

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