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This Data Science tutorial will help you in understanding what is Data Science, why we need Data Science, prerequisites for learning Data Science, what does a Data Scientist do, Data Science lifecycle with an example and career opportunities in Data Science domain. You will also learn the differences between Data Science and Business intelligence. The role of a data scientist is one of the sexiest jobs of the century. The demand for data scientists is high, and the number of opportunities for certified data scientists is increasing. Every day, companies are looking out for more and more skilled data scientists and studies show that there is expected to be a continued shortfall in qualified candidates to fill the roles. So, let us dive deep into Data Science and understand what is Data Science all about.
This Data Science tutorial will cover the following topics:
1. Need for Data Science? ( 00:50 )
2. What is Data Science? ( 05:55 )
3. Data Science vs Business intelligence ( 11:44 )
4. Prerequisites for learning Data Science ( 16:36 )
5. What does a Data scientist do? ( 24:31 )
6. Data Science life cycle with use case ( 30:17 )
7. Demand for Data scientists ( 47:17 )
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