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What is Artificial Intelligence and how will this affect you in 2018?

Artificial Intelligence is exactly how it sounds, it is intelligence that has been created by mankind. Broadly speaking Artificial Intelligence (or AI) refers to the computer software programs that are designed to ‘think’ for themselves. For a firmer description you can check the Oxford English Dictionary definition here.

So how does it affect our lives in the modern day and age? Well, there are a number of ways in which it is affecting you already and you don’t even know about it. SIRI and CORTANA for example, are both AI programs who can seemingly intelligently answer your questions. Smart Cars, Smart Homes and Smart Phones all run programs that are considered AI, you find it in social media, recommending you will like something based on what the system already knows about you… you even find it on Netflix doing much the same thing. have already put together a list of things that we’d bet you didn’t know were AI.

Artificial Intelligence as a concept has been around for as long as men could dream. From the first sci-fi representation of a robot to the current state of affairs, where countries like Saudia Arabia can officially welcome their first ‘AI citizen’ (for all that are interested you can watch a short video on Youtube about Sophia here.) In between there has been an illustrious history of computer technicians teaching their machines how to play chess, talk back or recognise their voices. We have come so far in robotics and AI in fact, that the idea is no longer anywhere near the realms of Science Fiction. Nowadays you can even take part in a human survey that the AI programs are taking about us! (

So where does that see our relationship with AI headed to in 2018? Well on a personal level we already use it quite a lot, and often inadvertently, and we can expect that trend to continue. We also expect that 2018 will see more and more businesses turning to development of AI programs, because and intelligent system would better aid their business goals. E-commerce and procurement services for example, are already working on AI that can streamline their companies ( also give some pretty detailed speculations as to what the future of AI holds in the coming year.

So it is fairly safe to say that the AI market will become more and more competitive, until we consumers are left with machinery that is autonomous from us – but that shouldn’t be for a long time yet. Also, while the rise of the machines might seem scary; try to remember that all AI is, at it’s core, man made. Any program is written by humans, and any mistakes in the designs of such are simple human error. The machines are not out to get us… well not yet anyway.

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