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So you’re looking for a new job?

There are a number of things you can do to open that door!

Be prepared

Making sure your job application materials are complete and in great shape is one of the most important ways to accelerate your job search because it reduces the time you have to spend on crafting or improving your materials each time you apply for a new job.

Create Templates

Based on the different types of positions you’re applying for, have multiple templates for your cover letter and resume ready to go so you can customize the document in a matter of minutes, as opposed to writing a new cover letter for each job you apply to.

At the beginning of your job search make sure you have all of your other job-related materials like certificates and work portfolios.


Let everyone in your professional (and personal) network know you’re actively looking for a new job and communicate what your specific goals are.

Update your LinkedIn profile

Making sure that your profile is complete, up to date, and accurate ahead of time can make the application process go much more quickly, as many Recruiters, us included, use this a search tool.

Sign up for custom job alerts

Custom job alerts are a great way to save yourself some time in your job search since you’ll get relevant jobs tailored specifically to your needs, wants, and search criteria in your email.

Designate job search time in your calendar

Set aside a set amount of time where you work only on your job search, treating almost as if it’s another work-related task or project that you’re on deadline for.

Have a strategy

Ate the very beginning of your job search, have a clear plan from the get-go about the types of jobs, titles, companies or locations you’re looking for, and tune out all other noise you’ll likely run into during your job search.

Get your references ready

Have a few letters of reference ready to go at the beginning of your job search. Or, at the very least, notify your references that they may be contacted and that you’re looking for a swift response. Explain to them your sense of urgency to confirm their own availability.

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