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So, what is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence refers to a field in Computer science that is majorly focused on creating intelligent machines that have human-like features. These would include Speech recognition, Learning, Planning and problem solving. Much of the development in the area includes highly specialised research and development. The developments that have been made in modern computer science, particularly in Artificial Intelligence are quite astounding. There have been great advances made in the field in the last two decades and this have led to great innovations that will lead the Fourth Industrial Revolution as highlighted by the World Economic Forum.

Knowledge engineering is very much part of the core of all of artificial intelligence in all its forms. The machines will only be able to act bad react like human beings only if all the information required is readily avail be. The development and transformation of big data led to extensive research on its manipulation and utilisation. Accuracy and reliability could only be achieved by using machines and thus artificial intelligence was created to further develop this. This has led to the simulation of the human capabilities of abstract, creative and deductive thought, which allows much learning and experience and thus leads to the modern digital computers with artificial intelligence.

To comprehend much of the more in-depth concepts like data mining, natural language processing and driving software there are three basic concepts of AI that are important to understand: Machine learning, deep learning and neural networks. Machine learning is used to train the machines and create models from large amounts of data and these can be sued for future predictions and father processing of even greater problems. Deep learning on the other hand allows the machines to learn more than just the basic rudimentary tasks. It allows the computers to delve deeper and be able to perform more than one task at a go. The refreshers involved simply create a hibernal purpose algorithm that delves deeper and finds ways to learn more than just one task. Neural networks on the other hand enable the deep learning experience. These are similar to the neurons in the brain. Much of artificial intelligence was posed by what we find in the human anatomy. The neural networks are able to utilise mathematical models and computer principles to simulate and mimic the actions of the human brain thus delving deeper into machine learning.

Much of hi technology is applied across board. In manufacturing it, enable predictive maintenance, as it is able to detect and prevent faults even before they come about. In the fiscal field, it is utilised in fraud detection and in predicting the consumer’s preferences even before they themselves can tell. In the consumer markets, it is utilised in products such as the Google assistant and Apple’s Siri. It is used in the modern self-driving vehicles and autonomous cars, which will soon outnumber the manually driven cars on our roads currently.

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