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Salary growth for specific Tech roles – US / UK

Change in Salary for Product Management, Software Engineering, Data Science, Design (2020)


Tech talent continues to be core to a company’s operating system, driving value for innovative businesses and their compensation reflects that. took a look at salaries specific to product management, software engineering, design and data science roles and found that salaries increased last year in every category in both the US and the UK.



In the US, data science roles saw the largest salary increase, jumping from $128k to $139k – although it’s worth noting that reflects a rebound from a slight dip in 2018, when salaries went down to $128k from $135k. And while software engineering roles are most often known for commanding top dollar, this year product management salaries surpassed them with an average salary of $154K compared to $146K in 2018. In the UK, software engineering and design roles saw the largest salary gains this year, increasing by £6k to £67k and £57k respectively.



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