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How Amazon Are Taking Over Retail Using Technology

Back in 1994 when Amazon was a new company the real power in online sales was ebay. Amazon was struggling to compete at first, so they decided that the way forward was to become ‘The Everything Store’. Since then Amazon has gone from strength to strength becoming the powerhouse of the retail market that they currently are. It is through their clever used of technology that they have been able to claim this coveted position.

Frictionless Shopping

Online shopping and Amazon in particular offer consumers the ability to browse item and make purchases without the hassle of having to deal with other people. Let’s face it we all have those days where we are at the supermarket and we choose to use the self-checkout even though it is slower. We do this because it means we don’t have to make idle conversation with the cashier. Amazon gives us the ability to have this relief in every purchase that we need to make.

Location is not Important

Amazon has, through its marketplace, given every consumer access to everything their heart could desire. There is no need to be limited by where you live anymore. You can browse high end luxury bathroom accessory sets from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro, as long as you can get the 4g signal anyway. The only limit is your internet connection. The ability to buy such a wide range of items without having to hunt a round is very appealing.


Amazon have made excellent use of all the data that they have collected about their users to good effect. When you are browsing for a dog bed, Amazon will show you options that other people eventually chose. This is like giving you a shortcut to the answer without doing all the research. Their mobile app will use push notification to suggest item that match your buying history and let you know about ‘lightning deals’. Because the suggestions are realistic based on your activity many people will engage with them. Why bother going anywhere else when Amazon knows what you want, before you do!

Speedy Delivery

With next day deliver an option on many items, Amazon is closing the gap between buying and having. The major advantage that traditional stores have over the internet is that you walk out with the item in your hands then and there, whereas with an online order you buy and then you wait for an unknown amount of time. Now with Amazon you can buy and have the item the next morning, and it’s becoming more the case that you can in fact get it the same day.

Amazon Go!

Amazon are now bringing all of these bonuses into the ‘real world’ the appearance of Amazon Go stores makes a real-life store where you have all the conveniences of online shopping. You can walk in, pick out the things you want, and then walk out. There is no need to deal with a cashier, or even cash for that matter. Your purchases are tracked and automatically charged to you. It’s shopping minus the waiting. It’s little wonder that Amazon seem to be taking over the world of retail.

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