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Got what it takes to be a manager?

What traits should you have to be a manager?

The following will give you a pretty clear idea if it’s for you!

Ability to Listen Well

Maybe you figured the opposite, that barking out orders or constantly ordering staff around would be a prized. You do need to give clear directions. Effective managers, however, have refined listening skills.

It’s not just you doing all the work anymore. Now you must really hear what your direct reports tell you about project schedules, issues that crop up, departmental dynamics…it won’t help to yell “Get it done!” if you aren’t aware of actual impediments.

Tolerance for Ambiguity

When a manager delegates, they give up knowing precisely where every task stands at any given moment. This uncertainty can lead to anxiety. Anxiety can lead to micromanaging and mistrust.

It’s important to learn how to live with the ambiguity. If you’ve trained your people well, have given them proper instructions, and supplied them with adequate resources, you won’t know exactly what’s what until the next check-in. Can’t stand the suspense? Stay in a staff role where you’re always hands on.

Desire to Help Others Succeed

A manager’s success depends on the performance of their team. That’s a lot different than trying to be an individual superstar. If you enjoy watching your employees grow and stretch; if you take pride when someone who reports to you starts fast-tracking; that’s the kind of attitude great managers have.

Not Easily Put Off By Criticism

Bosses don’t have to take it from their workers, right? Sometimes they say the darnedest things, to which you’d better listen to. Because they can’t always be wrong.

Readiness to Share the Limelight

Give credit where it’s due! Keep claiming ownership of your staff’s ideas or stealing their thunder at acknowledgment time makes for an unhappy camp.

Improve Your People Skills

Such as things like persuasion, inviting honest feedback, encouraging conflict resolution, promoting collaboration and being patient.

Being Diversity-Minded

Managing means harnessing the strengths of unique people from different backgrounds.


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