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Getting that working from home / life balance

Working remotely is still a relatively new concept for most of us, trying to balance home, family and work priorities can be overwhelming


Some tips and suggestions to help find that balance:

Manage your expectations

Acknowledge the fact that you’re initially not going to be as productive as you would be in the office, solely focussed on work. This is natural, so give yourself a break. Set achievable goals and tasks each day. Make a list of your projects and work with your manager or team leader to decide what needs to be prioritised.

Set expectations with your household

Let your partner / children / housemates know of your schedule and needs, find quiet workplaces where you won’t be disturbed. Assign time for homework and other tasks, but don’t beat yourself up if you have to break the pattern occasionally!

Stay connected to your colleagues

Whilst working remotely, communication with colleagues is very important. Make sure they are aware of your projects, goals and deadlines and vice versa. Take time out to have a chat with them, just as you would in the office, so you don’t feel disconnected. Make sure you have the right tools in place to communicate and collaborate effectively.

Take a break!

Working remotely sometimes can feel like you are ‘always on’. It’s important to prioritise breaks in the day, a coffee break away from your desk, fresh air and exercise are also vitally important.

Pre-prepare your meals

This is important as it reduces stressĀ  and can also be a good time to spend with the other members of the household. If your schedules align, eating together can break the monotony of working alone.



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