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Do You Have An Effective Hiring Strategy For Today’s Market?

Here are some expert tips to help you set up your company for success

What is a hiring strategy?

A hiring strategy is a clear plan that explains what roles you’ll recruit for, when, why and how. It should be tied to your overall company objectives.

Your strategy must be possible to implement and easy to communicate.


Hiring people is easy. Recruiting, screening, and hiring the right candidates, however, is not such a simple process.


In fact, most companies are far from perfecting the process. Nearly three in four companies admit they have been negatively impacted by a bad hire, citing lowered productivity, lost time to recruit and train another worker and compromised quality of work as the resulting outcomes.

This is why it is so vital to develop and implement an effective hiring strategy that can guide your human resources team through the employee recruitment and hiring process. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail, so your hiring and recruitment strategies are essential to helping you source, qualify, and place the right candidates in the right positions.

While you can tweak your tactics, the strategy must always be clear.


The core aspects of a great strategy

Growth Plans

  • In order to scale up your workforce, you’ll need to hire – which takes time and resources.
  • Create a measure to help you identify which areas of your business will benefit most from increased headcount.
  • This could focus on return on investment or opportunities lost.

Unsure how many new employees you’ll need? Sumner & Scott will give you access to temporary staff and contractors to help you expand quickly and risk free.

Employer Brand

  • Make sure your employer brand and message are attractive to your target audience, particularly over social media. A well-known brand is a big selling point to talented job hunters.
  • Be open and transparent about the company’s working culture to ensure you attract candidates that will match your business.

If your brand isn’t well known,  Sumner & Scott can contact candidates directly and spend time promoting your employer messages.

Skills Audit

  • Use your company objectives to identify developing areas of the business, then decide on the skills you will need to succeed.
  • Your recruitment strategy should include ways to find and bring new skills into the company.
  • Employers often focus on advanced digital and technical skills, but you should also consider bringing in candidates with different experiences.

When interviewing for a role you’ve never done yourself, Sumner & Scott can offer interview tips and support to build your confidence.


  • If your company needs to adapt quickly to an unpredictable market then hiring permanent staff may not be the right option.
  • Your strategy should include a plan for temporary staff and contractors to cover projects that are likely to change at short notice.


The team at Sumner & Scott spends each day speaking with clients who seek to fill their vacant positions. As part of our recruitment strategy, we keep a variety of factors in mind — the client’s time frame, goals, and the culture fit of each candidate — when screening and placing candidates with every company.

To see how we can help place the best candidates with your business, contact our team of recruiting and staffing experts today.

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