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Sumner & Scott have been instructed to recruit Data Scientists with experience in NLP and Machine Learning to join a fast growing FinTech that builds a state-of-the-art machine learning software so financial institutions can precisely understand their clients and transform their interests into financial transactions.

We are looking for Data Scientists with solid foundation in machine learning and natural language processing who are passionate about building data-driven products. We are seeking accomplished problem solvers.

What you’ll do

  • Use advanced statistical and machine learning techniques to create scalable natural language processing for  classification, predictions and recommendations.
  • Extract semantic meaning from large volumes of unstructured financial text and data.
  • Aggregate publicly available data sources, integrate with enterprise data, summarise texts to key messages, extract key entities and themes, interrelate different themes and categorise as per importance.
  • Interrogate large and complex behavioural data sets that do not fit into the memory of a single machine.
  • Be perpetually inquisitive about data quality and the impact on our clients
  • Engage with best practices for code review, version control, and change control

What we look for

  • Significant Experience of NLP including document classification, topic modelling, information extraction, named entity recognition, relationship extraction and active learning in an industrial setting for at least 24 months and ideally longer
  • Experience of deploying machine learning in industrial circumstances
  • PhD in Machine Learning, CS, Bioinformatics, Computational Physics from a top UK university or overseas equivalent.
  • Strong knowledge of statistics (e.g., Bayesian inference, Maximum Likelihood Estimation, Monte Carlo methods, Probabilistic Graphical Models)
  • Knowledge of deep-learning fundamentals, preferably real-world experience at developing deep-learning models (e.g.: TensorFlow, Keras or Theano) and shallow embeddings (Word2Vec/GloVe)
  • Candidates with the right to work in the UK who are already resident here
  • Mastery of the Python programming language and its tool chain
  • Experience with PostgreSQL and the ability to write efficient and complex SQL queries

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