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AI Tech North Conference 2019

AI Tech North Conference will be a truly community-driven AI conference at The Queens Hotel in Leeds on 20th July 2019, and we are inviting everyone to come and be a part of the Northern AI journey. Explore everything that we have to offer, with business networking and opportunities, AI learning and consulting, AI architecture and strategy all in one event!

I am delighted to announce that tickets for AI Tech North Conference are now on sale and that we are offering you an early-bird discount on all ticket purchases. Click here to secure your place:

Check out using AiTBirm2019 code in the coupon/promotion

The aim of this conference is to bring the innovations of tomorrow, today, and to open up the world of AI technology so that you can join the disruption. We advocate AI for the people and wish to see this community of innovators, trendsetters and enthusiasts continue to grow.

We are proud to present a day full of comprehensive AI sessions including five keynote sessions and 18 tech talks. We will cover a number of topics related to the world of AI such as Data Science, Blockchain, Machine Learning, Cloud Integration, Mental Health, Ethics and many more.

All of these sessions will be recorded and we will be giving you access to a material package (videos, slides, code) so that you can revisit them after the conference.

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